Professional Organiser to the Rescue!

People call on my help for all different reasons.  I often hear the words “I’m desperate”.  Today’s call was a first though.

Today’s call was from a woman whose Christmas is not complete without the wonderful decorations handmade by her children, and she couldn’t find those treasures anywhere!  So I ducked into the nearest phone booth and changed into my superhero suit (actually comfortable shoes and cool clothes – it’s hot here in Melbourne), and off I went to the rescue.  By the time I arrived the missing decorations had been located – phew! – in someone else’s house!  It seems the wrong box had been moved from the garage.  But never fear, I got to work on another project and whipped an unruly pantry cupboard into shape instead.  I love my work!

 handmade christmas deco


2 Responses to “Professional Organiser to the Rescue!”

  1. Chris Owen (Pink Apple) Says:

    Can i have the video of the superwoman in the phone booth thingy?
    But seriously, this is the real Angela coming out to play!
    Keep em coming cos I LOVE her humour!!

  2. creatingorderfromchaos Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, Chris. Thanks for the visit!

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