What Bugs You?

Start the week off well.  Identify one thing that’s been bugging you.  Maybe it’s the stack of filing from last week (or earlier).  It could be the ironing pile, or even the bill that’s overdue.

Once you’ve chosen that one thing that bugs you most, do something about it.  Either tackle it right away, or make an appointment with yourself to tackle it, or plan the first step in tackling it.

You’ll be glad you did.


4 Responses to “What Bugs You?”

  1. Chris Owen (Pink Apple) Says:

    I’ve just finished transposing a long list of tasks for this month from my whiteboard onto a Excel spreadsheet and deciding a first simple step for each one.
    I can now clean the whiteboard and when I next feel like i have time to do a task I’ll check my list of little things/baby steps to get me rolling!
    My first step is to call into the local Dan Murphys store and get some boxes for decluttering my wardrobe, the pantry and my bookshelves!
    I’m organised!

  2. creatingorderfromchaos Says:

    Wow, Chris! You’re a woman of action. When you’re at Dan Murphys perhaps you could pick up a bottle of bubbles to reward yourself when those baby steps turn into finished projects?

  3. Karen Wallace Says:

    oooh, Angela, that’s a challenge! I am making a date for myself to clear out the fridge and then clean the shelves (I hate to think what science projects are lurking back there…). It’s in my diary!

  4. creatingorderfromchaos Says:

    Good on you, Karen. I know you’re up for a challenge, as your new addition to The Calm Space attests.

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