Handy Caps

My husband and I like to travel, and we do it a lot, for both work and pleasure.  We always ignore the little soaps and shampoos in the hotel room.  Those freebies come at a cost and we don’t need them.  But there is one giveaway I always bring home.  It’s the shower cap.

I don’t use mine in the shower though.  They are great in the kitchen as covers for salad bowls and platters.  It saves me from struggling with the plastic cling wrap.


One Response to “Handy Caps”

  1. Marilyn Bohn Says:

    Thank you for that tip! I have never thought of doing that. But I certainly will now. I have taken them for traveling because they take up less space than the traditional caps and I never know when a motel room won’t have them.
    I take the little soaps and shampoos and donate them when I have a little sack full to our food pantry who give them to a local shelter for the homeless.

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