What is Organised?

Flicking through a magazine in a newsagent recently, I came across an article with the heading something like “Top Organising Tips”.  Of course my eye was drawn to it right away.  There were several glossy photos of “storage ideas” and one in particular I want to talk about.  It showed stacks of books on the floor, acting as side tables, with decorative items and teacups placed on top.

Give me a break.  While this look may be stylish, eye-catching or quirky, the one thing it isn’t is organised.  It’s not good for the books, as they’ll gather far more dust down on the floor, or suffer from spilled drinks.  It makes cleaning difficult.  And actually choosing a book to read means getting on hands and knees to rearrange the stack.

Organising is more than just finding another unused corner to stash your stuff.  🙂


One Response to “What is Organised?”

  1. Alison Says:

    Well-spotted! That’s one ‘organising tip’ that would have me tearing my hair out. I love my books, and the thought of stacking them on end, gathering dust and unable to be read, is ghastly.

    Ogk, what a horrible thought. I feel an urge to go and straighten my bookshelves now…

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