Time for Friendship

My friends are important to me.  I have many, scattered all over the city, country and the world.  Keeping up with my friends doesn’t just happen by chance.  It’s not always easy.  I live a full busy life and so do they.  I make time to make it happen.

So, with thanks for my friends, here are some of the ways I make time for friendships…

  • I make them a priority.  Long ago I made the decision to connect on a regular basis.  There will always be something to do – ironing, writing, working or family commitments – but my friends deserve my time.
  • We make plans to catch up over dinner.  Our dinner parties are all about good company, not spending time in the kitchen, so we each bring a dish to share.
  • We exercise together.  That’s one multitasker that works.
  • I have a cordless phone.  Emptying the dishwasher or weeding the garden doesn’t keep me from chatting with friends.
  • I remember birthdays and anniversaries.  With my diary reminding me of those special days, I never miss one.
  • I’m on time.  Nothing shows a friend disrespect like turning up late all the time.

How do you make time for your friends?


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