Say No to Christmas Stress Now

Ok, it’s started already.  First it was just a few cards in the supermarket, then it was lights and decorations, and yesterday I had my first “Have you started getting ready for Christmas?” conversation.  How does it make you feel?  I have to admit I used to feel anxious around this time every year.  But those days are now behind me.  I feel absolute Christmas Calm instead.  My salvation came in the form of The Christmas Calm Manual.

My clever friends, Chris and Karen, who wrote the Christmas Calm Manual, have a great motto.  They “save frazzled women, one Christmas at a time”.  I was one of those frazzled women, stressing about all the jobs to be done and tension to be felt.  But no more.  Now the thought of the approaching Christmas brings me joy, the kind I felt as a child.  The first step to feeling your own version of Christmas Calm is to take the Quick Christmas Stress Test.

So how does the thought of Christmas make you feel?


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