Time Management Tips, part 4

Today’s tips cover planning, emails, diaries and de-stressing.  Hope you find something that helps.  I know I’ve learned something this week. 🙂

Paul Loupetis, Mobile Lender, from Affinity Mortgage Centre pointed me to his favourite tip from Shannah Kennedy –

Plan your day the night before.

Jacqueline Johns, Life Coach, Happy Life Mentoring says –

Rather than work with a To Do List, make appointments in your diary for things you must do.   That way, any possible distractions get scheduled around your “To Dos”.  Also, a list can be “out of sight, out of mind”.  However, your diary is something you’re constantly using, and presumably working to.  You’ll be amazed how you zip through that list when it’s all diarised.

Leah Jacobs, from Room to Improve says –

Only address your inbox when you have some time.  That way you can deal with whatever there and then and not handle it twice.

De-stress on a regular basis.  Clear the brain by doing things you enjoy.  Do not dwell on the past, and allow yourself to stress over something which you have no control over.  This only clogs the brain and it takes twice as long to get things done.  Breaks are a necessity, not a luxury.


2 Responses to “Time Management Tips, part 4”

  1. Kell Says:

    Recent research shows that people spend over 2 hours a day reading and responding to email. So email has the chance to dwarf all other forms of business communication. One email tip I write about is taking the email notification off, this means that you can retain you concentration and not be interrupted by the constant “you have mail” notification.
    I write about other email tips at http://www.effective-time-management-strategies.com/time-management-tips.html Kell

  2. John Kendrick Says:

    You might be interested to know that the premier issue of Productive! magazine has just been released, and has 17 great articles on productivity, along with an exclusive interview with productivity guru, David Allen. I’ve posted a link to the free premier November issue at

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