Time Management Tips, part 5

Thank you, both readers and contributors, for your positive response to the Time Management Tips Collection featured here recently.  It’s not over yet.

Emma Watt, Industrial Relations Consultant, says –

I have a pro forma shopping list I keep on the fridge so I only have to visit each aisle once.  When I first move into an area, I go to the local supermarket and note which products are kept in which aisles.  I then put it into a table and my trip around the supermarket is super quick.  Woe betide me if the supermarket changes things around!

Warren Seeto from Taxstar says –

Set a dedicated time aside, on a regular basis, to do all your finances, e.g. write cheques, update tax records, pay bills, do your filing.  It is much easier to have all this handled regularly rather than letting it build up and making it feel like a mountain of work.

When purchasing a new investment property, remember to organise your Quantity Surveyors report early as this will save time when preparing your tax return and won’t hold up getting your tax refund.


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