Book of the Month – Wardrobe Organisation for Busy Women, Ann Reinten

This month’s Book of the Month review comes from Roz Howland, a Cairns-based Professional Organiser, who runs InOrder Professional Organising Service.


You’ve got to love it when someone outside our industry talks about ‘clearing the clutter’.  Ann even suggests doing it at the beginning of each season. Great approach.

The ‘How to create harmony out of closet chaos’ is deservedly very early the book.  The rest of the book, in organising terms, is basically about avoiding the reclutter.  Not just in general but very specifically.  An easy to read, practical manual, showing us how to get the very best out of our wardrobe.

My favourite section is the Lifestyle Pie, which readers fill in.  ‘Your wardrobe should reflect your needs’ says Ann.  If 50% of your wardrobe is gym clothes and you haven’t been to the gym in over two years – time for a rethink.

The 50 pages are crammed with solid and detailed advice on what to let into your wardrobe, with the idea that if you get it right from the beginning you will always have a gorgeous, useful functioning wardrobe. Who doesn’t want that?

This is a brilliant and absorbing read by an internationally recognised industry leader, Ann Reinten, founder and CEO of The Australian Image Company. As well as a must read for every woman, a powerful tool for any Professional Organiser who assists clients with wardrobe organising!


Thanks, Roz for contributing.  It’s great to hear what other Professional Organisers are reading.

You can get your own copy of the e-book, Wardrobe Organisation for Busy Women, here.


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