Money-Saving Tips

A little while ago I brought you a series on Time Management Tips.  I believe being organised saves time, money and effort.  Today’s suggestions relate to how being organised saves you money.  Thanks to Leah and Jackie for sharing.

Leah Jacobs, from Room To Improve, says –

There is an old saying; Time is money.  IF you are organised you can do things in less time and so save money.  IF you charge $50/hr for your service, then if you do things in less time (and you charge yourself at the same rate) it follows that you are saving money.  It is sometimes cheaper to pay a specialist to do a job, rather than take 3 times as long to do the same job yourself.

Jacqueline Johns, from Happy Life Mentoring, says –

If you are organised, instead of spending an hour looking for something, you can spend that time being productive, earning money in your business.

Being organised saves money if you pay your bills on time, so you don’t have interest charges, or late charges.


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