Temporary Disorganisation OK

In drought-stricken Melbourne, the sight of a dirty car has become quite acceptable.  There are more important uses for water than car-washing.

Similarly, there are times when I just have to admit there are better things to do with my time than housework, or even tend to my business.  Now is just such a time.  The Victorian bushfires, still continuing more than 2 weeks after Black Saturday, have meant changes at home for me.

I’m proud to say my husband is one of the many involved in keeping Victoria safe.  He’s under great stress, working long hours, and doing it well.  While he does his job, I have my own role.  My main priority is to support him.  That means listening when he needs to talk, making sure he has a clean shirt to wear, nutritious food to sustain him, and a quiet place to rest when he can.  If that means I can’t work an 8-hour day decluttering, so be it.  I’m happy to play my part.

I’m telling this to let you know it’s ok to let some things go occasionally.  You should see my desk this minute.  You should see my inbox.  But that’s ok, I can live with disorganisation.  Temporarily.

I know that once I have some time and energy to devote to clearing my desk and inbox, there’s a framework for dealing with the build-up.  And it’s due to systems already in place that the provision of clean clothes, nutritious food and quiet resting place happens with minimal effort.

I’ll be posting some tips soon on how to get those basic things ticking along, so disruptions in routine won’t have you descending into complete chaos.


One Response to “Temporary Disorganisation OK”

  1. Chris Owen Says:

    A very honourable declaration, if I may say.
    Nothing is more important than allowing your husband the space he needs right at the moment. You wouldn’t be happy doing it any other way and still feel authentic.
    He’d do the same for you.

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