Project of the Month – Corral Bookmarks

This is the easiest Project of the Month ever.  Corral your bookmarks by creating a beautiful place for them to live.

0891Why is this such a great organising project?

Success breeds success.  If you’re looking for a way to start gaining control over clutter, this project is perfect.  It’s small and achievable.

Creating a beautiful place for your bookmarks and keeping it in a place you’ll see often, like your office desk or side table, will remind you daily that small steps make a difference.

You’ll know where to find a lovely bookmark when you need it, and where it goes when you’re done.

The principles are the same for any organising project – have a place for everything and everything in its place.

My own bookmark cup was a gift from a dear friend when I went to visit her in Finland.  I love having it on display to be reminded of that happy time.  And even many of the bookmarks inside are special souvenirs from trips or people I love.


One Response to “Project of the Month – Corral Bookmarks”

  1. Karen Wallace Says:

    Ooooh Angela, I like this project! Means a use for something pretty, so it doesn’t just collect dust and make me feel guilty; as well as having a home for something I can never find when I need it! I tend to leave bookmarks in books and am always using scraps of paper or old envelopes because I cannot find my nice ones.

    Thank you Angela!!! I’m off to find a pretty container.

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