Project of the Month – Downsize Your Files

Are your files bulging?  Are your filing drawers crammed?  Are there more binders than your shelves can handle?  Then, it’s time to put your files on a diet.


This month, take the opportunity whenever you’re on the phone to sift through your files and cull whatever is out of date or unnecessary.  The same goes for email folders and computer files as well.


3 Responses to “Project of the Month – Downsize Your Files”

  1. Chris Owen Says:

    Sometimes your challenges just leave me quivering with anxiety at how far you want me to go out of my comfort zone!!

  2. creatingorderfromchaos Says:

    @ Chris – Really? I thought this one was pretty easy and doable. I wonder if anyone else is feeling overwhelmed at the thought of culling files? Do you need someone to “hold your hand” through the process?

  3. Kylie Short Says:

    My shredder and I are on first name basis now. I have my eye on one of those snapscans so I can go totally paperless.

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