A Hoarder’s Tale

She had me at “stopping…to buy more underwear for all of us because that was easier than doing laundry”.  But as I read on, I was even more engrossed.  Read here for yourself the story of one hoarder’s reality check and recovery.

Just one thing – I hope a client of mine never sees pity in my eyes.  Pity is not going to help.  I hope my clients see understanding in my eyes.



One Response to “A Hoarder’s Tale”

  1. Karen Wallace Says:

    Oh wow… thank you for the pointer Angela – that story is very powerful! I see shades there of what I could be, if I hadn’t started being ruthless about clutter years ago. It’s an ongoing process, and I know that I need to start – again – now, but stories like this are a real motivation!

    I am sure your clients see understanding in your eyes – you’re that sort of person.

    But the mice? Maybe the pity was for the mice… aggghhh… we’ve had them again this winter, and one died under the fridge – not on the floor but inside the back panel where I couldn’t get to it until hubby came home and helped move and unscrew. Had to put up with the stink for a whole day… NOT nice.

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