Decluttering Books

Do you love to read?  Do you love books?  Are your bookshelves bulging with books?

There is a way to read and enjoy books but without giving up space to them.  Here are some suggestions, not only for acquiring books, but also for decluttering your shelves.

  1. Your local library – an invaluable community resource offering not only hardcopy books, but talking books, magazines, movies and music.
  2. Slim Ink Book Rental – your premium library on the internet.  Top quality books delivered right to your door for a monthly membership fee.
  3. BookCrossing – where a book registered is ready for adventure.  People in over 130 countries have become BookCrossers, sharing books and tracking their journeys.
  4. BookMooch – where you can give and receive books using a points system.
  5. Whitehorse City Council, Youth ConneXions – have launched a book-swapping program giving young people access to free reading material.  The centre is calling for donations of good-quality books for the program.  For more information, call 9898 9340.

One Response to “Decluttering Books”

  1. Janet Barclay Says:

    It’s great to know there are so many programs out there to help people both acquire books for free, but to pass them on to others after reading.

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