My CDs need your help

Yesterday I had a realisation.  My CDs are not organised.

While I was preparing breakfast, I felt a sudden urge to hear a particular album by a particular artist – it was Masterpieces by Bob Dylan.  I knew I had it.  I knew what the cover looked like.  My CD collection is not vast, so it should have been easy to find.  But it wasn’t there.

I went straight to my son, who has a habit of borrowing our CDs.  He’s a music fan with varied tastes.  No, he hadn’t borrowed it, didn’t know we owned it, but “here, you can listen to Desire by Bob Dylan.  I bought it yesterday.”  Ok, that’s a pretty good substitute, so it got played.  But I was still bugged by the missing album.

Lightbulb moment – maybe it’s in my husband’s car.  He likes to keep a selection there for long car trips.  Sure enough it was there, with a broken plastic cover.

I don’t have many CDs but I would like to find them when I want them.  I would like to know which ones have been borrowed and by whom.  Pretty much everything else in my house can be found when and where I want it.  But I’m feeling a little frustrated about my CDs.

Now my questions for you are – How can improve my CD organisation?  What system do you use?  My CDs need your help.


3 Responses to “My CDs need your help”

  1. Sarah Cottman Says:

    I bought a separate hard drive and downloaded every cd we had onto it! This way it is both organised and easy to find. If your ‘real cd’ happens to get scratched, you always have a back up copy too. Yes, this does mean that you will have to set up your computer to be compatible with your sound system but it is well worth doing 🙂

  2. Anne Maybus Says:

    A lock and key is the only thing that would keep mine safe. Rock gods and music filled family members mean that cd’s always wander.

  3. tess Says:

    I agree with Sarah’s computer idea. And burn a copy just for the car… not such a loss if it happens to get broken into, exposed to extreme heat, or if the person happens to be out at the time!

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