Organising by the Senses

Organising doesn’t need to be a chore.  Let’s inject some fun by organising by the senses.

Sight – Get rid of some of the visual clutter.  Try to see things with a fresh pair of eyes.  Copious post-it notes tend to blend into each other, making them the visual equivalent of white noise.

Sound – Deal with that annoying squeak or rattle once and for all.  It’s draining more of your energy than you know.

Smell – Clean out the fridge.  Toss out of date sauces and limp vegetables.  Note which ingredients need replenishing.

Touch – Are the things you need most often where you need them, at your fingertips?  Clear from your desk everything you don’t use more than once each day.  Then bring in close those things which you do use more than once a day.

Taste – Every good deed must be acknowledged.  Reward your efforts with a delicious treat.


2 Responses to “Organising by the Senses”

  1. Tanya Says:

    blessings to you for writting a post on this.

  2. Debbie Alford Says:

    Great post Angela – a very practical way of dealing with stuff.

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