Mobile Phone Hoarding

According to the non-profit mobile phone recycling program, MobileMuster, Australia is a nation of hoarders.  So what would make them say that?

It seems Australians are hoarding old no-longer-used mobile phones, up to 22 years old.  MobileMuster commissioned a study and discovered our dark phone-hoarding secret.  And according to the report, entitled Australia: a Nation of Mobile Phone Hoarders, if Australians handed in the 14-16 million unused or broken mobile phones (not including batteries) hidden away across the nation, it would be worth 3.2 million aluminium cans, 31,000 gold wedding bands and 160,000 plastic fence posts.

What more motivation could you ask for?  So dig out the old mobile phones and visit the MobileMuster website to find out how to recycle them.

I believe in the cause so much I’m giving it Project of the Month status.


One Response to “Mobile Phone Hoarding”

  1. Troy Geil Says:

    mobile phones that have built in cameras are my favorite because they can capture those special moments and events ~'”

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