Even more favourite things

It really is difficult to pick a single favourite organising tool.  Everyone’s needs are different and so are their organised solutions.  But if I had my arm twisted and I really had to choose a favourite, my stair basket would come close.

Why?  Well, it’s so handy to have it sitting ready for filling at the bottom of the stairs, it’s well-balanced making it easy to carry, and it’s cute to boot.  They give random bits and pieces a place to live while waiting for relocation.


One Response to “Even more favourite things”

  1. creatingorderfromchaos Says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Just in. Howard Storage World is now selling stair baskets. In Victoria, remember to use your RACV 10% discount. http://shop.hsw.com.au/index.php?product&id_prod=982&id_cat=7&id_dept=

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