Phone wins over Email

Tomorrow I head off for the NAPO Professional Organisers conference in the US.  Last week I settled some last minute details, loading my travel card with US dollars, confirming flights and purchasing travel insurance.  This last hit a stumbling block, when an email sent by the insurance company late on Friday night arrived without its attachment.  I happened to be sitting at the computer when it came and emailed back directly.  I’m guessing sending that email was the last task of the day because I received no reply and no attachment.  When it still hadn’t arrived this morning I got on the phone.

The helpful staff member was able to track that email and its missing attachment.  While I held on the line, she sent the attachement, waited for me to review it, answered my questions, then finalised purchase of the all-important travel insurance.  As she confirmed payment details, a text message came to my phone and another email arrived with confirmation details.  Brilliant!  I especially like the text message, and I don’t remember that being included the last time I bought travel insurance online.  In an emergency, knock on wood, I’ll have all the information I need.  Online business is great, especially for the business owner, but efficient personal contact still wins.

And by the way, my email of Friday night received a reply while this transaction occurred.  Maybe someone’s ears were burning.  😉


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