My Reading List

One of my favourite things to do while travelling overseas is visit bookshops. One of my other favourite things to do, any time, any place, is to talk about, think about, read about Organising. So it was with great pleasure that I went absolutely crazy in Columbus, Ohio, at the NAPO 2010 Conference, and bought 14 books about Organising.

I have only one regret.  That is, I didn’t get around the whole Expo to see (and buy) every book I wanted to.  With that said, here’s my reading list.

3 books by Chronic Disorganisation Guru, Judith Kolberg, What Every Professional Organizer Needs to Know About Chronic Disorganization, What Every Professional Organizer Needs to Know About Hoarding and Conquering Chronic Disorganization.

Don’t Toss My Memories in the Trash and accompanying Moving Workbook – a Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Seniors Downsize, Organize and Move by Vickie Dellaquila.

Stuff, Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things by Randy O. Frost and Gail Steketee.  The prologue is entitled Dead Body in the Collyer Mansion.  I simply can’t wait to get stuck in.

2 books by Psychotherapist and Professional Organiser, Cindy Glovinsky, One Thing at a Time and Making Peace with the Things in Your Life.

Sink Reflections by the ever-popular Marla Cilley – The FlyLady.

Eliminate Chaos by current NAPO President, Laura Leist.  Thanks for your hospitality, Laura!

2 very different books by Valentina Sgro.  One the very practical Organize Your Family’s Schedule… In No Time.  The other is fiction, the 3rd Patience Oaktree book, Photographic Memories.

And finally Organizing For a Living and the accompanying workbook, by Jackie Tiani.


2 Responses to “My Reading List”

  1. Julie Bestry Says:

    Wow, Angela. While the most everyone else was trying to make the luggage lighter so as not to get charge by the silly airlines, you went all out! Impressive. I’ve got all of Judith’s books, so I know you’ll like them. I’ve got Cindy G’s first book, and it’s packed with thought-provoking material…and of course Val’s Patience Oaktree (whose initials, I’ve only JUST realized are P.O.!) is charming.

    Your post reminded me that I want to get Vickie Dellaquila’s book. See, you haven’t even started reading, and you’re already doing good deeds as a result of your shopping trip. 😉

  2. creatingorderfromchaos Says:

    Julie, I came prepared with an extra empty suitcase, and of course it helps that my international air ticket included 2 free bags. Books were not the only thing I took home. There were also cookie cutters, Ohio State treats for the family and gorgeous baby clothes for my granddaughter. Oh, and one tiny container from The Container Store, just because we don’t have them here. And of course lots of great memories.

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