Blessing in Disguise?

“I had the blessing of a heart attack just last year.

It helped me to discard things I didn’t need to carry anymore.”

– Kelsey Grammer

Blessing?!  My goodness that’s a philosophical way of looking at such misfortune.

What do you think?  Would a life-threatening event make you look at your stuff differently?  What would make you discard your things?


One Response to “Blessing in Disguise?”

  1. Janet Barclay Says:

    Although not life-threatening, it was a big life change that caused me to discard many of my possessions. Several years ago we had to move from our house to an apartment due to a financial setback. Having lived in a house all my life, where storage was never an issue, I had to make some big choices about what I could realistically bring with me. I realized that much of the memorabilia that I’d held onto since childhood had no sentimental value to me at all – my reason for keeping it was “because I’ve always had it.” Not only have I not missed any of those items, I’ve come to realize that there’s even more I can get rid of.

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