Dancing to Get Things Done

For as long as I can remember, dancing has been fun.  As a child, my dance lessons were the highlight of my week.  As a teen, I turned up the volume and danced to banish bad moods and to make household chores bearable.  As an adult, the music at the gym really motivates to move.  I can’t resist, basic steps get a little hip wiggle added from me.  At the sound of a band striking up, I’m wide-eyed, pleading with my husband to get up and dance (and he does).  And yes, that’s me at the traffic lights, doing a little boogie behind the wheel.  I sing along too.  Loudly.  The soundtrack of my life is littered with dance tunes.

Let’s clear something up, I’m not very good at it and I’m not built for it, but it’s fun!  How does the saying go?  “Dance like nobody’s watching?”  Well, that’s me.

It’s not surprising then, that when faced with the challenge of a task I dislike, I turn to music to make it more palatable.  The Andrews Sisters have helped me with dreaded housework.  Pink is great on a long boring car trip.  Robbie Williams banishes bad moods in a flash.  Michael Bublé gets the ironing done.  And Kylie makes time on the treadmill go faster.

What tasks do you hate?  And what dance tunes could make it fun for you?

Previously published on The Calm Space.


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