How late is acceptable?

A little Facebook discussion around this amusing quote:

The trouble with being punctual is that nobody’s there to appreciate it. ~ Franklin P. Jones

has sparked discussion about arriving late and making grand entrances.

Now I’d like to know your opinion.  How late is it acceptable to arrive when meeting a friend or business colleague for lunch, and are they different?


4 Responses to “How late is acceptable?”

  1. Kirsty Wilson Says:

    I’m always told by friends and family, I should be late because it’s not “cool” to be on time. I believe if someone says 7pm then that is it. If they really wanted me there at 7.10/7.15, then they would have said so! A time is a time!! I have very little tolerance for being “Late”, although in saying that, my first date with, my now husband, he was 2hrs late…nothing has changed! 😉

  2. Ivy Clark Says:

    I’m a patient person so I’m ok waiting for friend/colleagues for a few minutes. Although I feel there should be a very good reason for being late (e.g. it’s an emergency, or a meeting that over-ran, etc). It’s ok to be late sometimes, but if one is consistently late (a very bad habit), you’ll have to question how much they respect you as a friend/colleague. Our time is precious too, right?

  3. Mad Cow Says:

    Sadly, I have a pathological ability to be on time. I can’t help it. Even when I try to be late, I’m not 😦

    I hate being left waiting, it is disrespectful of my time and inconsiderate.

    Worse, I hate lateness when there is no communication. I get stuff happens … pick up the phone, send a text, whatever… don’t jsut not show – grrrrrr

  4. Shallon Wines Says:

    After 20 years with my hubby i now have on time down pat. If we have to be somewhere at 7pm, I tell him 6.30 and like magic we are there on time. In saying this however, kids are the great leveler at time keeping (NOT) and my patience is tested daily.

    I despise being kept waiting (nothing like feeling the social outcast by yourself in a cafe) and therefore do my best to always be on time, if something gets in the way then a phone call is always the best solution to keep all parties informed.

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