How to Get the Dishes Done

Yesterday it was my great pleasure to speak to a group of businesswomen at Accelerate Women about 4 Ways to Balance and Juggle Without Joining the Circus.  There was lively discussion about to-do lists and the 4 ways to whittle them down.

In short, the 4 ways are

  • Completion
  • Deletion
  • Delegation
  • Automation

To simplify and illustrate, think of a basic task like dealing with dirty dishes.  To get the job done, we could

  • Complete – just do it
  • Delete – eliminate the need to do it by using disposable dishes
  • Delegate – give the job to someone else, like a child, partner or cleaner
  • Automate – pop them in a dishwasher, press the button and walk away

Which strategy would you choose?


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