Breakfast with Peter Walsh

See those blurred hands? They never kept still, punctuating and driving his points home.

Bacon, eggs, pastries, fruit, yoghurt, juice and great coffee, a fabulous view of the river, some wonderful advice laughs and a hug.  That was my breakfast yesterday  morning with Peter Walsh… and about a hundred other people.

Thanks to Dymo, who brought Peter out to his home country as the Dymo National Organising Week ambassador, I was invited to a breakfast to hear Peter speak about getting organised and kicking clutter in the workplace.  Later in the day he appeared at an Officeworks store to speak about getting organised and kicking clutter at home, but I couldn’t be there.  I was giving free organising advice to customers at a different Officeworks store.  (Hi to all those who stopped by to say hello.  I hope you’ve started taking action on the things we spoke about.)

I’ve met Peter a couple of times now, and can tell you he’s a thoroughly likeable guy, generous with his time and advice.  It’s his down-to-earth approach many admire, including myself.  He doesn’t mince words but is happy to field all questions and give really pertinent tips.  He’s also a great showman, urging bosses to give a pay rise or company car to members of the audience.

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing some of tips Peter Walsh shared with us at breakfast.  Much of these can be found in his many books and on DVD.  Check out Peter Walsh Design website for more tips.


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