Children of Hoarders

The children of hoarders have a lot to deal with. It helps to know there are others out there with the same challenges, and perhaps some solutions. A quick look around the web and you’ll find articles, books, forums and films from children of hoarders, helping themselves and others to come to grips with their reality. Here are just a few.

Hoarder’s Son, the son of a compulsive hoarder, featured this blog post – What would you say to a fifteen year old child of a Hoarder?

Jane Brogan’s article, My Mother is a Hoarder, originally appeared on her Open Salon blog, but was also in The Age over the weekend.

Here Jessie Sholl speaks about her book DIRTY SECRET: A Daughter Comes Clean About Her Mother’s Compulsive Hoarding – Jessie’s story.

The Children of Hoarders website.

And of course, the very moving film, My Mother’s Garden.

If you are the child of a hoarder, I hope you find some support through these resources.  If you know of other resources, please let us know.


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  1. Evelyn Says:

    Article is helpful.

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