Building my Nest

You may have noticed I’ve been laying low for a while now.  Well, I’ve been busy building my new nest.  I have moved house and office.  I have moved from a VERY BIG house to a small apartment.  It’s not that small, it’s just right for 2 people.  And it’s the realisation of a dream come true.  It’s a fantastic way to kick off a New Year.

Anyway, I have been concentrating on unpacking boxes and finding new homes for the things I need, use and love – those are the criteria required to win a place in my new nest.  I’m not saying it’s easy to relocate and downsize in such a big way, but I am LOVING it!

I thought you might be interested to know some of the tips I’m implementing, so here’s one of them…


As I put things away in my new kitchen, I find I have an abundance of pretty much everything.  One way to decide what stays is the item’s ability to nest.  By that I mean, whether it fits neatly inside other similar items.  I’m applying this to plastic containers, salad bowls, platters, saucepans and more.

Ok, back to my nest now.  See ya 🙂


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