Book Review – The Finishing Touch by Imogen Lamport

 I have some pretty awesome resources at my fingertips. One of those is my friend and colleague, Imogen Lamport from Bespoke Image. Imogen knows all there is to know about styling and image, and the best thing is she’s willing to share it.

Having just read her newest ebook, The Finishing Touch – Perfecting the art of accessorizing, I want to share with you my thoughts and recommendation.

The first thing you notice about this ebook is its size – over 100 pages. The second thing is that each of those pages is jam-packed with content, valuable content.

The Finishing Touch answers every question you ever had about accessorising, and several you probably never asked before but will wonder why you didn’t. Like how to add your own personality using accessories? What size best suits? To match or not to match? And what makes a good investment? Even hairstyle is addressed. And who knew there 16 ways to tie a pashmina?

This book is something you’ll want to have handy in your wardrobe, refer to often and study before setting out to spend money on new accessories.

So where can you get it? Click here to visit Imogen’s website.


2 Responses to “Book Review – The Finishing Touch by Imogen Lamport”

  1. Imogen Lamport Says:

    Awww thanks Angela, you are making my head a little bigger – I’ll have to buy bigger hats to fit it!

  2. Evelyn Lundstrom Says:

    Good work Imogen – and all success to you. You deserve!! 🙂

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