There’s more than one way to Get Organised

If there were only one way to get organised I’d be out of a job. You wouldn’t need customised solutions to suit your unique circumstances. There’d be one book written about it, or one set of rules to follow, much like road rules, and that would be that.

But thank goodness we are all different in this world, with many different talents, personalities and desires. And we each come from different backgrounds, cultures and belief systems. Hooray for that!

So when I hear of an Organiser declaring “THIS is the only to get organised” or “THIS is how organising is done”, I get a little worried. Surely organising is about the client and all the things I mentioned earlier. Most of all it’s about THEIR goals, not the Organiser’s.

That’s why, when I train new Professional Organisers, I always emphasise that OUR goal is to create success for the client, whatever that looks like.


2 Responses to “There’s more than one way to Get Organised”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Well put! I create customized solutions to help the client reach their goals whether I’m doing hands-on organizing or virtual organizing. It’s about them, their space, their things, their goals, their priorities…not my methods!

  2. Chris Owen Says:

    OH Dear! Hopefully this business will not blossom. Unfortunately though, those most needing help may think that this PO “having all the answers” is what they need. And will end up feeling inadequate and unsatisfied and likely to damn the industry.
    What a pity!

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