Getting the Kids Involved

We love to inject fun into the organising process. Getting children happily involved in getting organised teaches them great life skills, brings the family closer and gets the job done quickly. The last is probably the most important. The quicker you get things in order, the quicker you can on with the good stuff.

So here’s one way to get the children enthusiastically involved in pitching in –

Set a Task


Set a Time

Set a Task: Keep it simple, one step at a time. Instead of “tidy your room”, try “pick up all the clothes”. It’s much less overwhelming and easier to understand.

Set a Time: Keep it short but achievable. And make it darn obvious. Setting a timer works well but even better is playing a familiar tune or several. An upbeat tune will get the little ones working fast. They’ll also be able to judge how much time there is still to go.

Go ahead, put on a tune and get the little tackers helping out.


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