Ready Set Christmas

It’s the one date on the calendar which sends people into a panic and a frenzy.  And my firm belief is that it shouldn’t.

Christmas Bells, courtesy of

Christmas joy turns to Christmas deadlines.  Christmas cheer turns to Christmas stress.

Personally I am not ready for Christmas.  It just seems too soon.  I have too much else I want to get done before I even start thinking about the food, the cards, the social engagements, the decorations, the gifts.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all that stuff.  I love singing Christmas carols – at home alone, in the shops, in church.  I would just like a little more time before I start doing it.

Unless I get my greatest wish stuffed in my stocking – more TIME – I guess I’ll be celebrating Christmas in 26 days along with everyone else.

This year, with the Ready Set Christmas series, I’ll make suggestions about ways to get ready for Christmas.  And if you’d like, you can take those suggestions to heart.  Or NOT.

That’s the difference here.  I want you to always remember, these suggestions are just that.  They are not compulsory.  If you choose not to participate in some or all of the Christmas traditions, that is quite all right.  The world will still turn, the date will still come… and go.  More important than any date on the calendar is your own sanity and well-being.

Ready Set Christmas suggestions start tomorrow.  Are you ready?  Or not?


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