Ready Set Christmas – Synchronise Calendars

Here we are at the start of December, with a month of parties, end of year concerts and “we must catch up before Christmases” ahead.  Add to that the usual weddings, birthdays, work and social commitments.  Now add in all the shopping, cooking, decorating, gift-wrapping.  Is it any wonder people feel stressed during December?

Ok, so now’s the time the calendar or diary really comes into its own.  Be sure to diarise all your commitments.  Yes, that includes the shopping trips and the gift-wrapping session, if you want to get them done and not be in a mad panic at the last minute.

And when you’ve done that, sit down with the significant others in your life and synchronise.  Compare notes about your commitments, adjust where necessary.  Even delete where necessary.

December is actually not meant to be any more stressful than any other month, but it can be.  So get ahead of the game and synchronise calendars.  Or not.

(As always, these are mere suggestions.  Take the ones that suit you.  The last thing we want to do is add to your load. 🙂 )


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