Ready Set Christmas – the Gift Hoard

With all the pressure to get the gift shopping done, you could be forgiven for feeling the urge to grab the car keys and head out to the shops, or to spend time at the keyboard checking online gift options.  But before you do…

Shop at home first.

Just like with meal planning or clothes or school supply shopping, it pays to take stock of what you already have on hand before going out to spend more money.

My guess is, if you are in the majority, that you already have a stash of gifts you’ve purchased over the year(s) and kept safe.  And here’s the thing – if you don’t give them this Christmas, ask yourself when will be the right time?  What are you waiting for?

Start by checking in all the places you keep gifts “for later” or “just in case”.  Now make a list of all the inventory.  Against that list, can you make allocations to people you normally give to?

Likely there will be gifts left unallocated.  Unless you have bought them with some person or occasion in particular in mind, consider donating them.  Local shopping centres have giving trees.  You could wrap those unallocated gifts and have the joy of giving, even if you don’t know the recipient.

So today’s message is

  1. Shop at home first
  2. Donate the gift hoard
  3. or not 😉

2 Responses to “Ready Set Christmas – the Gift Hoard”

  1. Ready Set Christmas – the Hostess Gift « Organised Thoughts Says:

    […] something from the Gift Hoard […]

  2. Marina McHutchison Says:

    I have about 5 hiding spots, which reading this post – reminded me of two, so now no need for anymore dinosaurs or monster books!

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