Ready Set Christmas – the Guest Room 1

Expecting overnight guests?  Where will they sleep?  In the guest room?  Have you been treating it like a junk room?

Well, now’s the time to turf the junk – all those deferred decisions, the “I’ll just put it here for now” stuff, the stuff waiting for that garage sale or to go on eBay, the stuff that belongs to someone else but you’re holding onto it for them, the stuff that you can’t even remember what it was for or why you kept it, the stuff you thought someone else might find useful.  Know what I’m talking about?

Make way for the guests and make way for a little extra living once they’ve gone.  Make the decisions on that stuff now.  If you’re holding a garage sale, set a date.  If the stuff belongs elsewhere, put it there.  If you’re stuff for someone else, tell them to come get it by a deadline (I guarantee you they won’t want most of it – but make it their responsibility to get rid of the stuff, not yours).  You get the idea.  Now is a great time to set the tone for the New Year.

So make way and give the room a good clean.  Your guests will appreciate it, but you will reap the benefits even more when you have the space to yourself again.

or not 😉


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