FABruary Style Challenge

Sometimes we have stuff in our wardrobes we never wear.  Sometimes our stuff is used in only a limited way, like the twin set we only ever wear as a set.  And sometimes we have something we love so much and wear so often, we can’t imagine trying to wear it in a different way.

Well, my friend Imogen Lamport from Bespoke Image, has something to change all that.  It’s her FABruary Style Challenge.  Each day she gives inspiration to wear clothes in a new way.

Today’s theme was Pink, so I took a look in my wardrobe, thought about what I’d be doing today – exploring the central part of the city, shopping, eating out and going to a movie – and put together this outfit.  Can you see the cute hot pink watch?  A good friend gave me that for my birthday, which came in really handy for Day 1 of the challenge, which was Arm Candy.

I want to share Imogen’s Style Challenge with you and encourage you to take a look at your wardrobe in a new way.


One Response to “FABruary Style Challenge”

  1. sueinspain Says:

    Cute watch! I love bright watches, especially if the outfit itself is fairly dark or plain, though this outfit can’t be called that!

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