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Too Much Clutter? – interview with Warren Moore, 2GB

January 4, 2013

Yesterday Warren Moore and I had a good chat about the benefits of downsizing and how to keep clutter at bay.

Listen in here.


5 Minute Bedside Drawer Fling

July 4, 2012

Here’s another 5 minute organising task.  Sure, you might have more time on your hands.  Sure, big organising projects take longer than just 5 minutes.  But clients are often surprised when I tell them they can get organised 5 minutes at a time.

Some people believe you need to set aside a big chunk of time to get organised, perhaps even a whole afternoon.  And that stops progress, because honestly, who has that amount of free time on a regular basis?  No, even 5 minutes is enough time to make a difference.

Did you try the last 5 minute task?  Check it out here.

This time I want you to go through your drawers.  Well, just one drawer at a time.  Start with your bedside drawer.  Pull out the contents and quickly sort them.

You’re bound to find some things you no longer need.  You know what to do.

You’ll find things that belong elsewhere in the house.  You know what to do.

You’ll find things you don’t even recognise or remember.  You’ll think of what to do.  😉

This is a great one to do while you’re on the phone to a friend, or on hold with the phone company.

And that’s your 5 minutes for today.

Living Large in Small Spaces

February 1, 2012

Have you ever heard of a Float Home?  It’s a home that floats.  It’s not a houseboat.  Houseboats have engines that can move them about.  Float homes just sit in one place on water.  I saw some on a trip to Canada recently.  They were simply adorable.  Talk about water frontage!

But there is a limit to how large a home floating on water can be.  Could you live life large in a small space?  What changes would you make?

How to Avoid Organising Mistake #4

January 4, 2012

#4 on the list of 7 Common Mistakes of DIY Organising Projects is

Have unrealistic expectations from the space

Does this affect you?  Do you get part way through, or even all the way to the end, of an organising project and find that your plans for the space just don’t work out?  Do you end up with still too much stuff to store, or not enough space to fit the furniture comfortably?

Perhaps you saw something great in a magazine and decided that was the solution for you?  Or was it in a store?

Maybe you imagined the scope of your project differently.  Do you end up wondering where it all went wrong?

You are not alone.  Many people find that the space they thought they had available to them is actually not enough.  Or that they could create nooks and crannies to stash extra stuff, and that didn’t work out.

If there is limited space, or too much stuff, one or both have gotta give.  There is no substitute for a good hard reality check.

7 Common Mistakes of DIY Organising Projects

December 29, 2011

For many this quiet time between Christmas and New Year has been set aside for tackling an organising project.  And for many more, getting organised is a New Years resolution.  There are several things that can turn good intentions into a failed attempt.  Here are the most common mistakes people make.

  1. Underestimate the time it takes to work through a project
  2. Buy the storage solutions at the start of a project
  3. Have unclear goals for the space or the project
  4. Have unrealistic expectations from the space
  5. Let the unwanted stuff hang around
  6. Stop before the project is done
  7. Listen to well-intentioned but ill-informed advice

Look out for future posts on how to avoid making these mistakes.

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Ready Set Christmas – Make Way!

December 6, 2011

Step aside! Make way! Incoming!

You are about to be hit with an influx.  An influx of festive foods, gifts to give and gifts received, visitors and perhaps overnight guests as well.  Are you ready?

And this influx occurs every December.  Get ahead of the wave by making space now.

  • Clean out the fridge, freezer and pantry
  • Declutter the nooks and crannies of the linen press
  • Clear out the clutter from the guest room
  • Toss the trash from the car boot for those big shopping trips

and make way for the new in your life.

or not 😉

One In One Out

November 7, 2011

With the change of season, now is a good time to assess your wardrobe.  What’s missing?  What do you have Waaaaayyyy toooooo much of?  What’s in good condition and what needs replacing?

This is just what I did the other day, and found I needed some cool dresses, something a little dressy and some more t-shirts.  A shopping trip ensued and lucky for me I found nearly all I needed in one session – 8 new items.  (I am not a keen shopper.)

On bringing my haul home, I took the time to look through the wardrobe again.  To make it all fit, something had to go.  Actually, at least 8 things had to go.  Out with the tatty t-shirts and out with the things that I haven’t worn (for good reason!).  I don’t have anything in my wardrobe that doesn’t fit.  There are a couple of things which are tucked away in a drawer.  But if you have a closet full of things for “some day”, now’s the time to rethink.

Finally, with the change of season, it’s a good time to move the coming season clothes front and centre and the out of season items to the far reaches.

If this sounds all too daunting, I’ll happily help.  We can come to you and have your wardrobe working for you.  And via the miracle of virtual organising, we can even help those who are far, far away.

Less Stuff = More Happiness

October 7, 2011

Here’s a quick little video that makes a big point. I like it so much I want to share it with you.

Graham Hill presents a TED Talk really worth listening to.

Sunday Reflections

September 25, 2011

For maximum efficiency and productivity,

people should not multitask.

But furniture should.

~ Angela Esnouf


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Sunday Reflections

September 4, 2011

Time and space – time to be alone, space to move about – these may well become the great scarcities of tomorrow.

~ Edwin Way Teale

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