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Is Your Laundry Stuck?

November 5, 2012

Does your laundry get stuck?  It may sound like a funny question, but I often see laundry bottlenecks in homes I work in.  The cycle works like this…

Ready to Wear – Lightly Worn – Dirty – Washed – Dried – Folded/Ironed – Put Away – Ready to Wear

Here are some common places laundry gets stuck, and how to avoid it…

Laundry Bottleneck What to do about it
Ready to Wear clothes get mixed with Dirty Have a clearly defined and easy to use place for your dirty laundry to live, waiting for the next step in the cycle
Lightly worn clothes get mixed with Dirty Have a place for lightly worn clothes to await another wear
Washed clothes are not Dried quickly, resulting in a smelly pile that needs rewashing Be sure you have time and a plan for moving wet washing on quickly
Dried washing is not processed or put away The most common of bottlenecks.  While folding and ironing are optional, putting away is the key to laundry flowing freely.  Decide where Ready to Wear clothes will live.  Is there enough space for all your clean laundry to live?  If not, you either have too much laundry or not enough space.

Once all those bottlenecks are clear, the cycle should flow easily, as long as enough time and energy is set aside for this essential task.

And we sure have come a long way from beating our washing on a rock, hand washing, or even using a copper and mangle.

If laundry still gets you down, or stuck, there is help at hand.  Creating Order from Chaos can help.


Conscious Shopping Mini Course

March 22, 2012

Jill Chivers, creator of My Year Without Clothes Shopping, has developed a 6-week Conscious Shopping Mini Course, designed to help you identify how and why you shop, as well as giving you skills to change your relationship with shopping.

She identifies common driving forces for compulsive and over-shoppers while suggesting tactics to overcome these impulses and find the shopping buzz without spending money.  Especially helpful is the support provided through this course – twice weekly course content, coupled with regular blog articles help keep you on track to achieving the main course objective, without being overwhelmed by homework or feeling stranded between sessions.

The 6-week Conscious Shopping Mini Course is a fantastic introduction to her program, offering helpful hints and moments for self-reflection to help you become a more conscious shopper.

Product Review – the Hanger Dangler

December 13, 2011

  It’s a quirky name but a nifty product. As you may know, I have downsized my home this past year and so I look for any advantage I can get in the wardrobe. The Hanger Dangler is one product that’s helped me gain space, as well as keep my things together in one place. I use my Hanger Dangler for my many camisoles. Thanks to this clever product my camisoles take up much less space and are so easy to find, all sharing the one hanger.

Check it out for yourself here.

One In One Out

November 7, 2011

With the change of season, now is a good time to assess your wardrobe.  What’s missing?  What do you have Waaaaayyyy toooooo much of?  What’s in good condition and what needs replacing?

This is just what I did the other day, and found I needed some cool dresses, something a little dressy and some more t-shirts.  A shopping trip ensued and lucky for me I found nearly all I needed in one session – 8 new items.  (I am not a keen shopper.)

On bringing my haul home, I took the time to look through the wardrobe again.  To make it all fit, something had to go.  Actually, at least 8 things had to go.  Out with the tatty t-shirts and out with the things that I haven’t worn (for good reason!).  I don’t have anything in my wardrobe that doesn’t fit.  There are a couple of things which are tucked away in a drawer.  But if you have a closet full of things for “some day”, now’s the time to rethink.

Finally, with the change of season, it’s a good time to move the coming season clothes front and centre and the out of season items to the far reaches.

If this sounds all too daunting, I’ll happily help.  We can come to you and have your wardrobe working for you.  And via the miracle of virtual organising, we can even help those who are far, far away.

A Word with Chris Owen

October 12, 2011

My friend, Chris Owen, has joined our “A Word with” series. I asked Chris about how her business Pink Apple got started, what keeps her organised so she can focus on that business, what she does when she’s not working, recipes that shorten time in the kitchen and even what her shoe collection looks like. So here’s a Word with Chris Owen…

The last 20 years of my previous career as a nurse were spent working with couples adjusting to new parenthood or coping with the traumas of IVF while grieving their infertility.  Both situations are extraordinarily stressful and impact on couples not just individuals. In the meantime, my husband and I were continuing to learn how to be married and happy.  While we’re still learning, it’s now 37 years so I guess we’ve got some practice under our belts!!  So for me when I studied education and counselling, relationships were really where my interests lay.  Hence why Pink Apple is focused on delivering resources to help couples have better and satisfying relationships.

Those who know me know I’m a shocking gadget queen!!!  I loves me the occasional toy!!!!  So there’s no question that my iPhone, iPad, and Outlook on my desktop, all synchronise using Google Sync.  And thanks to wireless and Google I don’t even have to do anything but enter appointments into one of them!  LOVE it!  Hated the heavy diary I used to lug around and struggled to sync the Palm Pilot I used to own!!

I’ve already confessed to my gadget fetish so I can smugly say I have about 8 pairs of shoes. But it’s not quite as frugal as it sounds.  Walking hospital corridors for all those years has meant my feet are ruined and constantly painful.  So I have shoes and orthotics to manage that.  None of the shoes are pretty and none have a heel any more.  Sigh!  But even at my worst it was only ever about 20 pairs.  My hubby thought that was an outrageous number, so I had to enlighten him about some women I know!!

The hardest thing about getting organised is overcoming that voice in my head that says “but I might need that”.  With Angela’s help I’m a lot more ruthless and I’ve got much better at throwing something out if I bring something in.  I also have more regular decluttering sessions in which I can actually be much more ruthless.  I once helped my sister declutter her kitchen when she was about to move house.  She’s never forgiven me for insisting that her “stupid fondue thingy” would never come back into fashion again!

After all these years of waiting for children to grow and leave home, my husband and I at last got to start travelling earlier this year.  And oh dear!  The travel bug has well and truly bitten us.  My dream travel location has always been Ireland.  I’ve always felt my ancestors calling me from there.  On our trip, we toured around Ireland for a couple of weeks, and there’s no doubt we’ll go back again to that magical place!  However, I also discovered Paris!  Need I say more?

One of my favourite throw-together meals uses stuff that we have in our pantries and fridges.  It’s essentially a flavoured Baked Potato without the oven!

Get a clean non-green potato per person (Or is it just me that finds the occasional potato gone green in the pantry?). Gather any of these ingredients or anything you wish to substitute.

  • Canned salmon
  • Canned baked beans
  • Butter/margarine
  • Garlic butter
  • Pesto
  • Sour cream
  • Grated cheddar cheese
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Coleslaw
  • Thin sliced capsicum (raw or from jar of fire-roasted)
  • Sliced beetroot
  • Grated carrot/zucchini
  • Mushroom
  • Canned corn
  • Seeded mustard
  • Cooked bacon pieces (if you want to cook then chop and do in a bowl in microwave with some paper towel under and over)
  • And of course salt and pepper as desired.

Pierce potato with a skewer a few times and cook whole in the microwave.  They take somewhere between 1-4 mins per potato, depending on size and density/waxiness so do them one minute at a time and pierce to check!  When cooked cut through the centre and divide again (as many times as you wish) then place on a plate/ in pasta bowl and add any ingredients as desired.

Chris Owen of Pink Apple is a Relationship Coach/Advisor to people who fear that their relationship might not stand the test of time.  She helps them become skilled and confident at avoiding old destructive relationship behaviours.

She’s Melbourne-based but hangs out on the internet a lot!  You can subscribe to her blog or follow her on Facebook at

Book Review – The Finishing Touch by Imogen Lamport

July 7, 2011

 I have some pretty awesome resources at my fingertips. One of those is my friend and colleague, Imogen Lamport from Bespoke Image. Imogen knows all there is to know about styling and image, and the best thing is she’s willing to share it.

Having just read her newest ebook, The Finishing Touch – Perfecting the art of accessorizing, I want to share with you my thoughts and recommendation.

The first thing you notice about this ebook is its size – over 100 pages. The second thing is that each of those pages is jam-packed with content, valuable content.

The Finishing Touch answers every question you ever had about accessorising, and several you probably never asked before but will wonder why you didn’t. Like how to add your own personality using accessories? What size best suits? To match or not to match? And what makes a good investment? Even hairstyle is addressed. And who knew there 16 ways to tie a pashmina?

This book is something you’ll want to have handy in your wardrobe, refer to often and study before setting out to spend money on new accessories.

So where can you get it? Click here to visit Imogen’s website.

The Organised Alphabet 23

March 29, 2011

Wow!  The Organised Alphabet is whipping along now.

W is for Wardrobe

An organised Wardrobe saves you money, time and effort.  Gotta love that!

Make Space for the New in the New Year

January 25, 2011

A Guest Post by Aby Garvey, Simplify 101

(When I read this article by Aby Garvey from Simplify 101, I knew it said everything anyone ever needed to hear about making a new start.  Since she wrote it so well, I asked her permission to share it, and she has graciously agreed.  You can also read it and more great articles by Aby here.  Thanks Aby! – Angela Esnouf)

Back when I worked for big companies, I loved the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I was one of the few people who always worked during that week. In the beginning, this was out of necessity—I didn’t have enough vacation built up to take time off over the holidays. Eventually though, I worked this week out of choice. Back in those days I didn’t have kids, and I welcomed the rare quiet time in the office to focus and get things done. I spent those uninterrupted days decluttering my office and getting myself ready for the busy new year.

To this day, I still get the itch to declutter during the week between the big holidays. Do you get this itch, too? Maybe it’s the fact that our homes are overstuffed with new things, or maybe it’s just a nice way to welcome in the new year—with a cleaner slate and a bit of breathing room. Regardless of the motivator, decluttering is a terrific way to welcome a new year, especially when you declutter with intention and purpose. In other words, when you identify something new that you want to create in the year ahead and let go of something old to support your desire for something new, you create space for change. You also solidify your intention to make it happen.

As you think about your goals and resolutions for 2011, consider what you can let go of to make space for the new. Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing:

If you want to eat healthier, declutter your kitchen. Donate foods that represent your old eating habits to your local food pantry. Let go of items like your deep fryer or cookbooks that aren’t in sync with the new healthy eating habits you intend to create. When you declutter any item that symbolizes or enables unhealthy eating habits, you are creating space for new, healthier eating habits to come into your home and life.

If you want to lose weight, declutter your closet. Let go of a few items in the size you are right now and thereby create space in your closet for the size you intend to become. Of course, don’t let go of everything in your current size; just a few items will be enough to remind you that you intend to lose weight and fill your closet with items in a smaller size.

If you want to spend more time with your family, declutter your calendar. Take a hard look at your current commitments and decide to let go of one activity that no longer energizes or inspires you. Or, look for a routine task such as house cleaning or doing the dinner dishes that you can delegate to someone else—either for pay or simply because they’re a member of your family. It’s easier to have these conversations—to tell someone you’re no longer going to chair the volunteer committee or that you want to hire a cleaning service—when you’re specifically aware of what you’re creating space for—the important people in your life who currently aren’t getting as much of your time as you’d like.

If you want to feel more creative, declutter your project list and creative supplies. If your creativity is stifled, you may have too many projects in process or an overabundance of creative supplies. Declutter a project or two that no longer inspires you. Let go of supplies and donate them to a daycare or retirement center. By doing this you will create visual breathing room in your creative work space and in the creative area in your brain.

If you want new clients or exciting new projects at work, declutter the files in your office. Pull a recycle bin or a shredder into your office, and watch your energy shift as you let go of old projects and paperwork. If you have items such as old client files that you must hold onto for legal or archive reasons, move these items to a file cabinet or file box away from your active files. When you create open space in your active project and client drawers, you create space for the new clients and projects to come in.

If you want to get out of debt or get more financially organized, declutter your wallet and purse. When you clear clutter from your wallet and purse, set the intention to be more financially organized. Set up a collection spot for receipts and bills that’s close to where you hang up your purse each night. Put a small envelope in your purse to collect receipts, and write an inspiring message on the outside of the envelope to remind you of your intention to get out of debt or improve your financial situation.

Decluttering something old is always a terrific way to create space for something new. But when you declutter intentionally by deciding what you want to let in, and then take steps to let go of something old to make space for this new thing, decluttering is an even more empowering experience. What do you wish to create in the new year? What can you let go of now to create space for this new thing, idea or inspiration to come into your life?

Christmas Tip Roundup

December 21, 2010

There are all kinds of clever people out there with great Christmas tips and how-tos.  I thought I’d share some with you here.  Please sit back and enjoy.

Holiday Storage from Ali Edwards

Minimize Holiday Clutter by Aby Garvey

Clutter Video Tip: Organizing Gift Wrap by Lorie Marrero

and finally, 5 Tips for Surviving Holiday Shopping by Jill Chivers on Imogen Lamport’s Inside Out blog

No Clothes for a Year?

November 24, 2010

Could you survive a year without shopping for clothes?  My friend, Imogen Lamport, is busy writing for her part in a unique project to help shopaholics – My Year Without Clothes Shopping.

So this week’s poll is plain and simple…