Love this Gift too

I am one lucky duck.  A little while ago I told you about how I loved the gift of a List Book, which is just so perfect for me.  Well, I got another Christmas gift from a good friend which is just so right.  It’s Aqua Notes and it’s perfect for people like me who get their best ideas while in the shower.  Well, I knew it would be a great tool for jotting quick flashes of brilliance, but little did I realise it would also be a wonderful relationship-builder.  It seems it’s perfect for leaving love notes ;).  Maybe my Relationship Expert friend, Chris Owen, knew a little something extra when she gave me this nifty tool?


One Response to “Love this Gift too”

  1. Chris Owen (@Chris_PinkApple) Says:

    Hmm Big hit on the romance front angela? Haven’t you heard of writing in soap on the glass??????
    They are also intended as love notes and if I recall you could get heart shaped ones as well!!
    Glad you liked the gift. Knew it would be perfect for you for biz, so romance is a bonus!!

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